Modern History: The Main Events in France during 1792-1795

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  • Published : April 1, 2013
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The Main Events in France during 1792-1795

Revolutions have occured at various times in the worlds history, and with different degrees of intensity of violence. Some Revolutions have rocked nations and changed their political structure forever. Though, perhaps the most significant revolution, was the French Revolution of 1789-1800. The events of this dramatic decade resulted in widespread social and political change.

The French Revolution started mainly because the old regime was brought down, aggrieved peasants and wage earners were not happy with the way the government and the King worked. The King at the time, who was Louis XVI was seen as ineffective and indecisive. The root cause was the French National debt that Louis XVI had inherited and the cost of such things like the French’s support for the American Revolution which increased tax rates and triggered an unfair tax code. It was also influenced by the ideas of the Enlightenment, which was a period in which several leading writers and philosophers questioned the existing social order, casting doubts on its institutions and new ideas.

Following the upbringing of the French Revolution, the Legislative Assembly voted for France to declare war on Austria. This vote was thought of because it was believed Australia intended to ‘export‘ the ideas of France’s revolution to other European nations. Many groups within France saw the advantage in war, these included Marie Antionette, wife of Louis XVI, Army Commanders and a significant group within the Assembly known as the Girondins, though a group called the Jacobins was strongly against this war. On April 20, 1792, France declared war on Austrlia. This was one out of a number of French Revolutionary wars. The French army was not doing well as they lacked organization and discipline, and many noble officers had emigrated, resulting in a number of French defeats, made worse when Prussia entered the war on the side of Austria on 13 June. France was...
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