Omnita Speech

Topics: Batik, Indonesia, Javanese people Pages: 2 (627 words) Published: January 3, 2013

Greetings everyone.
It is an honour to be among all of you this evening. We would like to thank you the Indonesian Consulate General and Indonesia Trade Promotion Centre for the opportunity to present OMNITA. We exist to encourage a deeper exploration of Indonesian cultural heritage. And, in doing this we would like to offer an experience. You will be experiencing our culture through

Our eco-friendly batik fabrics. It is eco-friendly because the Batik workshop that we source our product from uses natural dyes from the surrounding plants and materials. The workshop if one of a handful workshop that stays true to the traditional batik making including the use of plants that grow locally. The workshop produces Batik fabrics for mostly domestic demands and employed the villagers to maintain the region's economic activities

You also will experience our culture through the the hands on experience of batik making. The workshop will allow Canadians to explore the method thoroughly as a way for us to increase the understanding of how a piece of batik cloth is made. We believe that delivering this workshop will increase the appreciation of Indonesian Batik and allow us to establish a personal and potentially a long-term relationship.

The film project. We just finished producing Nagasari. Working together with the pool of talented young film makers, Nagasari shares the dynamic of Indonesian immigrants life in Canada. The film, has our signature by incorporating Indonesia's cultural elements successfully.

Our next presentation with a quick overview of Indonesian Batik, from its role as cultural arts, how it become national identity and an overview of Batik industry in Indonesia. A short clip of a Batik workshop in Yogyakarta, our source of Batik fabric, will end our presentation tonight.

Now, let's look at the eco-friendly Indonesian Batik that we offer. Despite the growing mass production of Batik as a commodity, there are also a...
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