Olympic Games

Topics: Hobby, Photography, Leisure Pages: 2 (365 words) Published: February 23, 2013
A Hobby is a regular activity, interest and enthusiasm that is undertaken for pleasure, typically done during one's leisure time. Some examples of hobbies include, collecting, creative, and artistic pursuits like making, tinkering, sports, and also adult education. EXAMPLES OF HOBBIES

1. Collecting hobbies
-Collecting stamps
2. Games Hobbies
-Video games
-Card games
-Board games
3. Sports & Healthy hobbies
-Basket 2ball
4. Performing arts hobbies
5. Reading Hobbies
*Are hobbies important? Why?
From the time we are little children we decided what amuses us and what does not. Also from an early age some of us start doing certain things more than others. Some of us like to play games, others like to collect things and many others like to read. Hobbies are what balance our studying and working lives. Many of us turn our hobbies into occupations in later life. We actually se that photographer who begin as persons who are interested in family snapshots, often learn about their cameras so much so that they become professionals. They begin as amateurs who cover the weddings of friends and soon become adept at it and make it a part time occupation. From then, they may discover that there is more to be earned from photography than from a regular job. The same thing can also happen to computer enthusiasts and writers. They start out as hobbies and become jobs. Such people, who enjoy their work are likely to be true professionals. With regard to choice of hobbies, it makes sense to choose one that is different from one’s occupation. Thus a man who works in an office will do well to play golf or do gardening as a hobby and a man who does manual work could collect stamp. Relaxation has different meaning for different people. Hobbies are meant as relaxations. Many hobbies are inexpensive, such as stamp collecting, kite flying, listening to...
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