Old Hands New Blood Case Analysis

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  • Published : December 6, 2012
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One thing that every expert commentator agrees on within the article is that the problems with which Fusilier is facing cannot be attributed to a single person or a department alone. The company is facing a highly complex organizational problem which is most likely the product of many different factors extending throughout the entire corporation. There may very well be multiple solutions that could result in a healthier organization, but I am highly skeptical that any one of these would solely involve hiring or firing a few key people. Although every commentator had very thoughtful, intuitive, and lucid responses to the problems presented within the case, I felt that some were more grounded in reality than others. When dealing such complex problems, although insight from those with years of expertise & experience may be sufficient, a deeper analysis is always warranted. Often, even expert intuition can be wrong in light of empirical evidence revealed through market research, and thus we need to take such insights with a grain of salt. This is why I am more inclined to follow the solutions of Gardner and Dixon, both of whom, despite having years of direct experience in the field , suggest that a deeper, data-driven analysis is needed before moving forward with any plan. After conducting an analysis, hopefully enough information would have been gathered to make informed decisions about segmenting, (re)aligning sales channels, marketing mixes, etc. Even without having the specific data at hand, there is a general consensus among the experts that the solution, whatever it may be, involves maintaining Product Sales & Service division to sell to customers who may only be purchasing based on price and not solutions while developing a division that would sell more integrated solutions to less price-sensitive costumers. Based on the company’s history and current structure, this seems like a reasonable assumption to make.

To head sales, personally I would...
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