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Customer analysis is the process of determining customer segmentation, value, purchasing behavior and motivation in order to better target marketing and increase sales. We can do a basic customer analysis in following steps:

1.Who are my customers? Which customers are valuable? Which aren’t? There are many ways to determine a customer’s value. One of the most accepted from is using a metric called customer lifetime value (CLV). CLV estimates how much a profit customer will contribute over his/her “lifetime”. By comparing CLVs among customers (or more often, among customer segments), we get a good idea of which customers are valuable and which are not. We are targeting women segment of different age groups between 18-38.All customers are valuable but some are more or some are less. our more valuable customers are professional women. 2. What do I do with my most valuable customers?

One of the best ways to market to your gold customers is to offer perks that are not available to other customers. We will offer membership those customers who are olay regular customers. 3.How do I make less valuable customers more valuable?

You can entice customers to step up their spending with a clever combination of incentives, promotions, and discounts. We will offer trial pack in less price if they will satisfied the can purchase it and also offer gifts on the purchase of olay products.

Olay as a generous skin care cosmetic brand has its own various branch products, targeting to particular consumer groups. Because of the particularity of skin, which differs from ages, the consumer segmentation can be defined as age differences. Coincidentally, age scale also can be used as good tool to measure the different consuming habits as well as media access habits, although there are other methods such as profession, education, or income level to specifically position the consumer segmentation For instance, the Cleanser series are...
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