Ojt Weekly Report

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Last week we were grouped into twos and were given schedules to operate in the Video Tape Recording (VTR) room for three(3) days each pair. Me and my partner Roldan Tocmo were scheduled to operate on April 15-17, 2013 (Monday to Wednesday). We started on Monday as VTR Operators and went to the operating room. There are two(2) televisions used in the VTR room. One for entertainment purposes and the other for tuning in to Channel 6(BCCTV's Channel) only. There we met Sir "Ete", one of the official VTR Operators of BCCTV. He told us that operating in the VTR is very easy, you can just sit and watch television all day. Play DVDs to be viewed on their channel and all you have to do is just to gradually watch over their movie if it is about to end and then roll the tape for commercial and most of the time play their company's official tape that shows their channels, company's address, contact numbers, etc. BCCTV has over 60 channels offering international news and current affairs, the latest movies, learning programs, sports and lifestyle, plus all the major TV networks in the country. Good thing we were assigned not in the field that day because it was sweltering hot that if you don't put on something for protection, your skin could easily be burned down. Our second and third day as VTR operators were just the same ordinary days like the first. We watched different networks on the television and sat all day long. Inspite of having this very easy job as operator, you will also get bored most of the time, less persons you will meet and less experiences compared to those who work in the field. April 18 was my last day being with the Revamp team, there was a job order in Loay wherein it took us three(3) hot hours to get the job done. The company extended their coverage area into some parts of Loay, installed amplifiers, and heavy cable wire lining. We arrived at the office at exactly 5:00PM which is our time for out. The next day we decided to go with Sir Nestor and Sir...
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