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Noreen Shafiq
Address: 2 Innot Furze, Headington, Oxford, OX3 7ES Telephone: 01865 744948 Mobile: 07792891237 E-mail: noreenshafiq03@hotmail.com Date of Birth: 17/09/1990

I am a hard working individual who is able to work independently using my own initiative yet also collectively in a team based environment. My skills within a receptionist role will prove to be extremely beneficial as I have had experience in working in an environment where I was the first point of contact for the business and had to deal with clients on a face to face basis. I acquire skills such as using my own imitative and speaking in professional yet polite and friendly manner to clients and I believe these skills are extremely valuable for a receptionist. Other skills gained include;

1. Communication and team working skills which came in useful when I had to interact with other employees, managers at alternative branches and clients 2. Multi-tasking and being able to work under pressure is an ability I am extremely proud of. I have previously in other roles worked towards deadlines and have been able to meet these deadlines. Also, I am able to multi-task which means that with no difficulty whatsoever I am able to do a number of things at the same time, such as talking on the phone and typing what the client is saying 2. Typing and language, both verbal and written. I attended meetings with the manager where I had to write minutes of the meeting which meant that I had to be a very fast, efficient and accurate typist 3. Use of Microsoft Office - Many times I had to prepare presentations on Microsoft PowerPoint for meetings which also had to be very accurate with a high standard of English 4. Organisational Skills - My main duty fell around keeping the office well organized and to a high standard e.g. keeping files up to date both hard copies and electronic copies, keeping documents organized in the right shelves, files and bundles and being able to find a document or file upon request I have also had experience in speaking to customers and clients over the phone as I have previously worked in a call centre speaking on a regular basis to small and very large business personnel. Whilst on the phone my tone of voice is extremely professional and friendly and (through past experience) I know that many people who speak to me enjoy doing so Time management and punctuality is an important part of my working life as it has created a positive impression of me being reliable and trustworthy and I hold it in high regard at all times. By being a keen learner of new topics I have the capacity to grasp new elements quickly and effectively to raise my own portfolio. My enthusiastic attitude makes it easy to adapt to new environments allowing me to build solid social and professional relationships with my peers. Confidence is an attribute of mine which allows me to excel, using my own initiative in any given activity be it individually or of a team ethic. Engaging in conversation with people of all backgrounds quad-lingually gives me the edge over other competitors. This has helped me with my communication with people that do not speak English in the 21st century of multiculturalism. Working in direct sales has allowed me to have the poise and capability to speak to people without being shy.

Education and Qualifications
2009 to 2012 Sheffield Hallam University, Law Degree (LLB) from September 2009 graduating in 2012 – LLB degree class (2.2)

2007 – 2009 Thomas Rotherham College
Business A Level – D
English Literature A Level – C Sociology AS Level - C

2002 – 2007 Jamia Al Hudaa Girls Boarding School
Mathematics - B
Religious Education - A
English - B...
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