Officer Selection and Training Process

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Officer Selection and Training Process


Officer Selection and Training Process
Back in the early days of policing, basically anyone who would accept the policing job was hired for the position. It is not that way anymore, now one must work hard to become an officer and pass many tests. There are many requirements that must be fulfilled before becoming an officer in today’s society. Though the departments work hard on recruiting the right individuals, some will still not make it through all the necessary requirements. Being selected is just the beginning of a long process in which every part must be passed. For those who chose to become an officer, the effort put into it, is well worth it. Being an officer means, wanting to help others, one must have a strong mental capacity, because the job can become stressful at times. Grant, Heath B tells us “No specific formula exists for recruiting and maintaining the ideal officer, and many of those who were once considered ideal may experience stress, burnout, personal problems, and ultimately may cause more harm than good” (2012) The recruiting of officers is done in many ways in order to get more candidates in which to choose from. Critical thinking is important to an officer because officers need to be ready to make decisions quickly. An officer is also required to do much paperwork and reports that require critical thinking. Officers should be in good physical condition, be able to cope with different situations, be compassionate, able to obey orders, and have good communicating and writing skills. The standard minimum requirements are (1) Be at least 21 years old (2) Have no felony convictions (3) Pass written, medical, physical, and psychological exams. Most police departments also have standard educational requirements. Some may require collage credits. While in collage potential officers can learn about the criminal justice system, how it works and law terminology. Many law enforcement agencies...
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