Cjs Week 8

Topics: Police, Crime, Mobile computing Pages: 3 (1143 words) Published: January 31, 2013
Policing Paper

There are many different forms of technology used in policing in today society. This technology is very important when it comes to policing and being able to do their jobs proficiently. Some of the technology they use is database and information technology, computer-aid dispatch, records management systems, and mobile computing. All of these forms of technology play a vital role in policing. Without these forms of technology being available to police there could be a higher crime rate, a higher wait time between calls, more deaths or injuries, and so much more. The technology that is available is set in place to keep things running smoothly and ensure that calls get answered in a timely manner. With the technology that we are gaining in the policing field I believe that we have advanced so much and will continue to do so. Database technology is a database that has a large amount of information in it. This information includes names, dates, crimes that people have committed, violations, high crime rate areas, and so much more. This information is gathered from many different areas and stored in a database. They have all of this information in one place to make it easier to research people or areas of interest. This information is gathered from the department’s criminal history records system, the gang unit’s intelligence system, and the state’s department of motor vehicles. The computer-aid dispatch is a method that manages calls for service from the public. The computer-aid dispatch uses the computer to communicate with officers. They are able to receive information on a call and have it on the computer in front of them so they do not get confused or forget any information. The computer-aid dispatch sends the officer the information and location that is in need of services. It also prioritizes the needs of services so that the officer gets to the most important cases first. Another great thing about the computer-aid dispatch is that the...
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