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1.All over the world the interview has been an integral part of any selection process. 80% of all selections the world over for all kinds of jobs are done by the interview. In our selection system too the interview is an integral part of the selection process. The interview involves one-to-one interaction between the candidate and a senior armed forces officer. The interaction is conducted in a formal setting yet essentially in an informal manner to assess various personality traits of an individual. The philosophy of the interview being that the best indication of what an individual will do in the future stems from what he has done in the past. The more recent the behaviour the more likelihood of it being repeated.

2.Foundation of an interview. An interview as job is to understand a candidate as to how he has become what he is today and evaluate his strong and weak points. The concept of evaluation is based on the premise that the personality of an individual is developed under the influence of one’s heredity, environment, his education, training and day to day situations encountered. In this technique instead of putting the candidate on a spot, the IO develops such a harmonious relationship so much confidence that he begins to talk spontaneously and open about his past without screening his replies.

3.Functions of the Interview. The functions of the interview at the SSB are: -

a) To determine the relevance of the candidate training and experience in terms of job requirements of a defence officer in war and peace.

b) To evaluate the intellectual functioning which is of particular importance for suitability of a candidate to perform critical functions expected from a service officer.

c) Appraise personality, motivation and character especially social adjustment and effectiveness.

d) Assess dynamism and ability to take risks.

4.Technique of Seeking Information in Interview

Candidate put at ease and skillfully encouraged to talk

Good Rapport

Spontaneous Flow of Information

Descriptive and Evaluative Information emerges

Candidate highlights his assets

Spontaneous flow also brings out shortcomings
and weaknesses of personality

Interpretation and assessment


5.The aim of the presentation is to discuss manifestations of OLQs and to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the IO technique.

6.The presentation is divided into three parts as under: -

a) Manifestation of OLQs.

b) Strengths of the technique.

c) Weaknesses.

7.We must carefully read the PIQ in order to assimilate the information available in it. While assessing a PIQ it would be worth remembering that although most people are truthful in filling their PIQ some may be tempted to omit negative facts or to exaggerate their achievements. The CIQs may accordingly have to be suitably modified to elicit more information on a particular area.

8.While assessing various OLQs by the technique of interviewing one must weigh the achievements against the opportunities, which have come the candidate’s way. The responses to CIQs would give direct or indirect clues to all the fifteen OLQs.

Part I – Manifestations of OLQs

9.Effective Intelligence.Effective Intelligence has been defined as the capacity of coping with practical problems of varying complexity. In general, all achievements of a person are largely due to his effective intelligence and it is displayed in almost every activity that one undertakes. Manifestation may be restricted due to changing environment, especially in urban areas, where the life has become comparatively simpler. Summation of manifestations in qualities like RA, OA and...
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