Human Resource Critical Thinking

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Week 1
Human Resource Critical Thinking

I. Functional Roles of the Human Resource Department. The human resource department has a number of functional roles and some of the function roles are: 1. Recruitment of employees
A.This function is there to ensure that the organization selects people who are skillful and competent. It involves the evaluation, ability, and competency of any potential employee that is in relation to the organization’s needs. When the function is done in an effective way, then the organization can increase its value and stay on the right path in achieving the goals and objectives of the organization. 2.Set day to day goals for the organization

A.Selecting day to day goals will assist the direction and help accomplish those goals. Most organizations will set both a short-term and long-term goals to improve quality, sales, service, and products. It will help to reduce errors, improve internal and public relations, and be more focused on customers. 3.Improvement of compensation packages

A.In the human resource department, its major function is in motivating employees. Improvement with compensation packages is done by rewarding the employees who have done well. Evaluating the employees should be compensated for his or her actions. When compensating employees, it will keep the flow in trend. Some of these include awards, career developments, holiday rewards, salary increments, and flexible working hours. 4.Improving organizational culture

A.The human resource department will try to improve organizational culture by using a procedure that has three steps. The process of observation is the first step. During this step the human resource department can see what makes up or what the organization’s culture is like. The second stage is where the human resource department becomes intense on the needs of the organization. The human resource department is there to understand that the personal fulfillment will work and that...
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