Of Commercial Banks

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I.Overview of Commercial Banks:
 Based on the law of Credit Institutions:
Commercial bank is a type of credit institution which made the whole banking and monetary operations related.  Based on the activity content:
Commercial bank is a type of bank which make direct transactions with companies, enterprises, economic organizations and individuals, by taking deposits, savings, and then use that capital to lend , discounts, provide means of payment and supply banking services for the subjects above 2.Structure:

 Heads and Exchanges with full departments such as Transaction and Credit Department, International Payment Department, Foreign Currency Sales Department, Treasury Department, Office Administration-Organization, International Relations Office , Department of Information Technology.  Branches, including the main branch and secondary branch at the local level.  Transaction Offices or Transactions under the branches.

3.The main activities:
 Capital raising activity
Commercial banks raise capital in the form below:
-Deposits of organizations, individuals and other credit institutions in the form of term deposits, non-term deposits and other deposits. - Issue of deposit certificates, bonds and other valuable papers for fundraising organizations and individuals at home and abroad. -Loans from credit institutions operating in Vietnam and foreign credit institutions. -Short-term Loan State Bank.

-The other capital raising forms allowing regulations of the State. *Credit activities:
- Discounts
- Leasing
- Factoring
- Import Financing
- Loans and overdrafts
- Loans under the credit limit and provision credit limit
* Payment services and treasury activities:
-Provide the means of payment.
- Implement domestic payment services to customers
- Perform indirect collecting and spending services
- Perform other payment services allowing regulations of the State Bank - Make international payment services under...
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