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Fatality Nears Odysseus
Sing in me, Muse, and through tell me the lost story of the boy, now a man, that through determination and skill, fought for his father’s life. For a previous suitor of his mother, Penelope, had intoxicated his father with a poisonous fruit. He had read plenty of useless remedies, but there was only one way to save his father’s life, to call upon the assistance of a god or goddess. He would meander in the nearby woods, with a goat set for a sacrifice and a face set for confrontation. To his dismay only sorrow and discourage came his way when he had failed to summon his intended god. For when he had his ritual set for the great Apollo, bad luck had struck him and he had summoned his twin sister, the goddess of the hunt, Artemis. She had agreed to help him but only if he had brought her some game to truly tribute her honor.

Of these adventures, Muse daughter, daughter of Zeus, tell us in our time, lift the lost song of the young Telemachus…. The story of Telemachus begins with a Spartan comrade of Antinous poisoning the King of Ithaca, Odysseus, by making a basket of lethal berries, that were unknown to Ithaca, look like a gift from the Spartans for coming back from his lengthy journey. The intoxication of Odysseus’s being was so robust that only a god could cure him, but sadly he was too weak to summon a god so he sent his son Telemachus to do his bidding and get the cure for his illness.

The Ritual and the Mistake
Philibus, the comrade of Antinous and the leader of northern Sparta, has taken it upon himself to avenge his friend by poisoning Odysseus with a toxic fruit that mimicked a gift. In retaliation, Ithacan troops were sent to Sparta to murder Philibus and were successful. Now Odysseus has sent Telemachus to summon Apollo, partly the god of healing. Telemachus has performed the ritual, but has mistakenly summoned Artemis, the goddess of the hunt and the twin sister of Apollo.

Artemis was displeased; Telemachus had a ritual set up for her twin and summoned her by accident. Since she was not one to waste time, she gave him an offer of a lifetime. She spoke with soft words...
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