Occassion Based Marketing

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Marketing To Consumers’ Passion For Food:
An occasion-based approach can drive retailer
differentiation and store loyalty

OBM - CIS Work Session Jan. 8, 2010

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A First To The Table White Paper
We have long felt that a more in-depth understanding of the emotional drivers of food consumption linked to the shopping experience would provide insights and opportunities to better meet consumer needs.

In 2009, Kraft Foods commissioned a ground-breaking study with the Hartman Group for greater insight into shopping behavior. While shopping behavior has been extensively analyzed, the drivers of that behavior are not fully understood. This study has led to a new way of thinking we are calling Occasion-Based Marketing.

With this research, we not only have the confidence that comes from a very large scale approach, we also have the ability to pinpoint retailer-specific opportunities, and thus we can help retailers differentiate their banners, while better meeting the needs of shoppers. We are so excited to share with you the top-line results and some ah ha’s of this paradigm shifting study. But you should know that there’s a lot more behind it. Please contact us to get a view of your shoppers insights. We are looking forward to working more closely together and to generating incremental revenue.

Thank you,
Diane Tielbur
Senior Director Consumer Insights and Strategy

OBM - CIS Work Session Jan. 8, 2010

© 2009 The Hartman Group, Inc


Kraft Foods is First to the Table with the “Culture
of Food” lens for shopping and Occasion-Based
Marketing Models
Shopper Insights Uncovered:
Occasion-Based Marketing is a
new approach based on a deeper,
more powerful connection between
everyday eating and drinking
occasions, the emotional drivers of
these occasions and shopping

Occasion-Based Marketing Is Based
On Robust Study Design
1. Established the Culture of Food model built
from a rich, long history of ethnographic
2.Built an Eating Atlas (October 2009) based
on over 15,000 online surveys and 28,000
eating occasions.

Retail Opportunity:

• We have quantitatively sized and profiled
the top 27 eating occasions


• And, created many retailer profiles with their
specific marketplace opportunities


More effective and innovative
marketing approaches
Incremental retail opportunities
Increased store loyalty
Deeper shopper relationships

OBM - CIS Work Session Jan. 8, 2010

3. Analyzed shopping trips (November 2009)
of over 5,000 consumers to identify, size and
profile major types of shopping trips

© 2009 The Hartman Group, Inc


New Ah Ha’s Uncovered
Uncovering new, surprising insights was exciting. Here is just a taste . . . 1.

There are opportunities to help retailers differentiate themselves based on the occasions their shoppers experience most often.

Retailer A: Shoppers index high for snacking occasions


Retailer B: Shoppers index high for savoring occasions


Retailer C: Shoppers under index across all eating occasions


42% of adult eating occasions are for the sake of pleasure or entertainment


71% of adult eating occurs outside of a family occasion


59% of family dinners have no children present under 18 years old


Retailers are under delivering against occasion-based trips

In fact, this study has yielded more broadly actionable, quantifiable insights than any one single study we have ever done before.

Food Is Intimate
Whether we are eating alone or with someone else. . . Food is always experiential. Tapping into the rich emotion of the eating experience allows all of us to focus on the joy of consuming food vs. pantry loading/ fill in opportunities. It all starts with The 3 Pillars Of Insight.

OBM - CIS Work Session Jan. 8, 2010

© 2009 The Hartman Group, Inc


There Are 3 Pillars of Knowledge
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