Obsession with Celebrities

Topics: Celebrity, Celebrity Worship Syndrome, Fandom Pages: 3 (1013 words) Published: May 26, 2011
From Charlie Sheen to the Queen; we follow them, we love them. But has our obsession with celebrities gone too far? So ask yourself: why are we “infected” with this viral disease? Does celebrity worship syndrome affect us? What type of celebrity do we classify as a one we would follow? Why has the Twitter revolution changed our views of celebrities? And most importantly, who do we blame for our addictive behaviour? We must turn away from our celebrity driven life and be our own mind controllers.

So why are we “infected” with this viral disease? Let us be honest with ourselves, we have all imagined what it would be like to be a celebrity; living someone else’s life. We were built and programmed to like what we think is “cool” or “attractive” which are also words we use to describe celebrities. We see them all the time in films, on television and in advertisements all around the world. We acknowledge them as if they were “perfect”. But this is not true, yes of course they look and act differently when they are in the public eye but they are not like that in private. We see this when the world’s best golfer; Tiger Woods cheats on his wife with 12 different women. This shows that they are not perfect as we imagined, but flawed like us.

Celebrity worship syndrome or CWS is a scientifically proven obsessive-addictive disorder. It can affect anyone who is over-exposed to the media surrounding the lives of celebrities. Psychologists have indicated that there are three types of CWS. The first is “Entertainment-social”. This occurs when a group of people watch or speak about celebrities. The second CWS disorder is “Intense-personal”. This is shown when people share compulsive feelings about celebrities. The last CWS disorder is “Borderline-pathology”. How does all of this happen? It is more common for women to “copy” the image of celebrities. For example, regular women can see what the stars are wearing and often find tips on how to buy cheap knockoffs of their...
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