The Passion for Public Figures

Topics: African American, Michael Jackson, Martin Luther King, Jr. Pages: 2 (544 words) Published: April 25, 2013
On June twenty fifth two thousand nine there was global wave of grief. People rushed to televisions to see the breaking news to see if the unthinkable was true, that Michael Jackson is dead. It is true that Michael Jackson is considered to most to be the king of pop but most probably ninety nine percent of the people who were so hurt by his death did not know him personally. Which sparks the question, why do so many people show grief when a celebrity they don’t know dies? They are a number of reasons, f humans are very social creatures, people with social problems find it easier to cling to a celebrity, celebrities are role models to people, and a celebrity could have made history for that changed their life for the better.

Humans are very social creatures simply because of the way we live life. First we develop and learn how to live through other people, from the second we are born we are guided to our mother’s hands and from there we are fed and cleansed. Also, when we felt any discomfort, we cried to our mother, because that is our natural instinct. As we got older communication became the source of happiness as well, developing relationships with family and friends for times of joy and guidance throughout life. With that being said, entertainers from music and television bring memories of bliss, because they are the top of the hierarchy for social discussions because of the gaudy amount of fame they have.

As stated in the paragraph above me humans are very social creatures and for some, social situations are awkward for them. So for some people, clinging to a celebrity helps them cope with the relationships they don’t have with people, by watching their every move. This is why celebrities go through do so many interviews, appearances and have clothing lines and things of that sort, for those compulsive fans that want to possess anything that represents that celebrity. It forms a delusional nexus that they might not have with people and can break their...
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