Observation: Social Interaction

Topics: Gender, Gender role, Sociology Pages: 7 (2299 words) Published: June 9, 2011
Observation: Social interaction

In today 21st century Family dinner are seen as an everyday ritual, nothing exciting or important about this simple task because of the fast lifestyle and demand in society today people tend to take many thing for granted, for instance a family dinner is seen as an everyday routine within every families to satisfied the hunger, carving and gathering of the family during the day. ‘Dinner experience is one that not only brings the families together for sharing and togetherness, but one that also fullfills the needs of the soul’.(Munhall,2001:p98) However after carefully observing this simple task through a sociological imagination and an anthropological perspective, I have realised that this simple task hold many value and purpose and why it is important to maintain this everyday ritual. I will demonstrate that this so call simple task can lead to many sociological issues such as Gender role and Social order within a cultural and family background.

Observation: My family dinner

My observation is about my family dinner that is usually held every few months; this occasion was not only to keep the bond between family members but also a tradition that was kept throughout generation. My background is Vietnamese therefore family is an important part of your life that why we have kept this tradition going throughout our generation.

My house is a four bed home that has two separate kitchens located inside and outside. The kitchen inside the house is more modern decorated and only contain a few utensil like knives, fork, spoon, chopstick, bowl and etc. This kitchen is only manly used for washing up the dishes and storing fried food, the main cooking and preparation of the food is taken place in the second kitchen that is bigger but simpler in design and is located at the back of the house where all our kitchen utensil and ingredients for the cooking is stored and hang. My family preferred to do our cooking separate from the house because of the strong smell from the ingredients can leaves a bad after smell sticking to the furniture, that why it better to cook outside so the smell of the food can escape from the kitchen. Surrounding this kitchen is fresh herbs and spices that had been planted there by my parents so it can be pick and used whenever it’s needed in a certain dish. These fresh ingredient are: grow and propagate, basil, wild betal leaf, watercress, Vietnamese perilla, Vietnamese coriander, spearmint, sawtooth, rice patty, lemongrass, fish mint, elephant ear stalk, cilantro, Chinese chives, chillies and etc. These ingredients are usually used in all our cooking so it can bring out the traditional taste of the dish. The food that will be serve today is ‘Lau’, this is a steam pot that contain many variety of food and vegies like seafood, meat, mushroom, tofu and etc. This serve will please all our relatives because it contain so many choice, therefore each individual will be able to choose what they like to eat.

The atmosphere surround the house inside or outside was amazing because inside the house my father is rushing about organising the table and entertaining the other relatives, while my mother and sister in law are busy inside the kitchen chopping, preparing, slicing and frying the food. The sizzling sound and stomach of the oil frying inside the pan, while the bang noise of the pot and pan, and the sensational aroma made my eyes blurry and stomach grumble. By observing the interaction that is taken place in the kitchen and inside the house with the delicious smell in the atmosphere, I thought for a sec that I was at a special function where chefs a busy cooking inside the kitchen, while the waiter and waitress busy organising and entertaining the guest arriving. As I move my observation further into the house away from my mother and sisters in law, I realise that although we all come from the same background but our choice of fashion...
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