Objective Moral Truth

Topics: Morality, Ethics, Religion Pages: 2 (587 words) Published: October 28, 2010
There are many views on moral truths, which causes major turmoil in the world we live in. Were this a simple subject world peace would most definitely be solves in an instant, and pointlessly killing each other would cease. The question is are there universal objective moral truths? Are there irrefutable, accepted by everyone, moral issues that can be universally agreed upon by everyone no matter what age, race, color or nationality? My answer to that question is no, there are not any set moral truths that just come with us at birth. Although there are absolutely fundamental moral truths that the majority of the world agrees upon, but there are exceptions, which proves that people aren’t naturally, endowed with moral instinct. Morality is a product of cultural conditioning and social learning.

The cultures throughout the world, and even throughout human civilization were unique in almost every way. Here in America we universally believe killing is wrong, even though it does happen everyone is aware of the consequences. What it does to the victims and their families, and what the law does to us. And the same is true for most countries connected with us. We believe this because of our shared religions and similar philosophical views. But what about the small villages in Africa, where children are given a gun and conditioned to kill. It doesn’t take long to teach that killing is fun, and with no consequences. Now think about the war in the Middle East. Muslim extremists believe with all of their hearts that if they die for Allah, and fight in his name and die as martyrs they will go straight to heaven where they can enjoy seventy two virgins for all eternity. That being an example of the Devine Command Theory, where no matter how horrible, if gods says its good, than its good. The conscience is only as good as its moral foundation.

Even through our own civilized culture we find examples of why moral truths cannot be...
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