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Schools: How they can help prevent Obesity
“Selling Obesity at School” first appeared in the New York Times newspaper in 2009. In this editorial the writer aims to convince the readers that obesity is a major conflict in our schools. Logic, Credibility, and Emotions are techniques the writer skillfully uses to create a strong convincing article. The writer begins by talking about the federal school lunch program. He/she uses background information about the School lunch program to build our credibility. The writer states why the lunch program was constituted and the revision that was made to it in the 1960’s. This brings attention to our hostile audience with its ethical appeal. This technique immediately establishes the editorial as conceivable and informative. Another way the writer uses credibility is when he/she mentions congress being aware of the issue. This appeal to our hostile audience. It demonstrates the writer’s knowledge about the topic. Both the writer’s extrinsic and intrinsic ethos are strong. Base on the article you can tell the writer not only educated himself about the issue but he also wrote the article well. Federal school lunch program were not only use to build credibility but it also uses a logical appeal. Stating the background of the school lunch program brings logic to the argument. The statement attempts to persuade the audience by making a reasonable claim and offering proof about school lunches. In addition, the writer uses logic when he presented the fact that the Federal rules that govern the sale of the harmful foods have not been updated for nearly 30 years. This shows the writer has done his research and educated himself about the topic. Furthermore the writer talks about how the Obesity rates have tripled over the last four decades. He/she elaborates on how this could influence us by stating it could affect a larger proportion of our workforce and even surpass smoking as the leading cause of premature death. Alternatively,...
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