Nvq Level 4

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  • Published : September 29, 2012
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Reflective Account

Unit Ref and title: BLOCK 8 OPTIONAL UNIT – UNIT 5
Assisting IAG clients to decide on a course of action

Your Name:Sue MurkinSignature:Date: 1/3/2011
Assessor’s name: Diane AiersSignature:Date:

| |Links to evidence | | |Links to standards | | | | | | | |5.1. – Appropriate Use Of Language | | | | | |I had been working with a young person for 6 weeks, he was a learner on the BELS catering course, he | | |stated he was interested in finding bar work, although his enthusiasm and attitude seemed to be in | | |conflict with this decision. | | | | | |After chatting with my client about what type of bars he would like to work in, I could see from his body | | |language that he wasn’t really interested. He was monotone, avoided eye contact, had his arms crossed | | |defensively and was disinterested. | | | | | |I would need to build rapport to develop trust between myself and my client so that he would be open to | | |explore his barriers and issues. I can build rapport by matching my clients pace, volume and tone of | | |voice. Letting the client lead the communication style and repeating back his words and using his | | |vocabulary. It is important that the young person I am with understands me and that I use language that | | |fits the person I am speaking to. Inappropriate language would be to use jargon, specialist terms, slang | | |or swearing and could undermine my credibility. It is important that what I am saying is fully understood | | |so that the young person can perceive all the options and gain the most benefit from the service BELS | | |offers. | | | | | |I need to make my client feel comfortable with me so that together we can find out what is best for him. | | | | | |Different issues need to be explored in a sensitive and non-judgmental manner, the exploration stage of | | |the interaction should have a clear purpose and sense of structure. Issues and barriers can be explored |...