Nutrition of Young Athletes

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  • Published : December 1, 2012
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Nutrition for Young Athletes
Heather Rushing
Houston Community College
November 11, 2011

Research surrounding the nutrition of young athletes suggests that they are at risk for becoming deficient in most of their vital nutrients. Most parents agree there is concern for this issue, but they fear they do not have enough information on how to fix the problem. This literature review includes several professionals and experienced groups’ opinions and highlights the ways to tackle the issue of nutritional deficiencies and the many pressures young athletes face.

Nutrition for Young Athletes
Young athletes face a multitude of challenges especially those that surround their diet. The social, emotional, and physical aspects of their growing bodies can present unique dilemmas that parents of young athletes may not know how to approach. When training them on the proper techniques to be an all-star player it should always include a well-balanced diet along with positive affirmations. For those who are looking for solutions to a proper diet for young athletes, busy lifestyles, pre and post activity meals and emotional pressures dietitians and doctors are finding the right information. It may be demanding for parents when one or more of their children are athletes. This can challenge their abilities to multi-task and unhealthy food choices may result from a hectic family sporting lifestyle. Carmen, a mom and article writer from, gives the busy parent helpful tips on how to choose better options from fast-food menus. Treating the family does not have to consist of greasy burgers and fries every time one visits McDonald’s, but choosing one of their snack wraps loaded with grilled chicken and the salad with no dressing will only amount to 300 calories (Carmen, 2011). Even Starbuck’s now offers on-the-go choices that include fresh fruit plates with cheese and protein packed plates that include...
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