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Hi Janet.  Thanks for your post!  I'm glad you researched Friday's because I've eaten there a lot. I totally agree that when it comes to the healthy options available, the items/portions would not fill me up for dinner.  I imagine the salads you mentioned are both appetizer salads?  Even if they aren't, the salads do lack in variety deparment and would probably leave me unsatisfied etiher way (definitely for dinner, probably for lunch too)  As for the Cobb Salad, I am surprised at the nutrition content of the dish!  While I love Cobb salads, this information will defintiely make me think twice about ordering it next time I'm out at a restaurant.  I think about how I could cook something nutritious at home that I could eat in a bigger portion size, would contain more variety, and would probably be twice as filling than the salad.  I'd definitely rather eat at home than have the Cobb salad which, at 1,850 mg of sodium, is 80% of the daily sodium intake allotted to maintain a healthy diet! The 34 grams of fat (without the dressing!) was also quite eye-opening.  According to a 2,000 calorie a day diet, that's more than half the amount of the fat recommended to consume per day.  And that's for a salad!  I love T.G.I Friday's too and hope that they add more items to their menu that have at least reasonable nutrition content.  I wonder if they can make their Jack Daniel's dishes healthy.....wishful thinking

Chipotle is one of my favorite, if not my absolute favorite, fast food restaurants to dine at.  I like Chipotle because their food is always fresh and tastes great.  Furthermore, I am a big fan of their "Food with Integrity" mission.  Information about this mission can be found in the restaurants and on their website.  In short, the "Food with Integrity" mission is a commitment established by the company to to serve good quality food by using, whenever possible, meat from animals who are treated properly and organic food products, while supporting local/family...
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