Nusserwanjee Building Relocation

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The Nusserwanjee Building is a century old Kharadar landmark, named after Karachi philanthropist, Jamshed Nusserwanjee. Today, it has been relocated, stone by stone, to become a part of the INDUS Valley School Campus

The building relocated and transported to the new location near the sea with complete area of 25000 sq.ft. The building was made up of 26000 stones and the new building at the seaside in Karachi was made with the same stones to preserve cultural heritage.

How the Building relocated
The very first step in the relocation effort was through documentation of the building, which was carried out by detailed measured drawings and photographs. Apart from this, there were a number of issues to be dealt with while decisions were being made as to its relocation and construction with reference to present- day building technology. Then, considering the seismic zone of Karachi and the fact that the soil stratum at the new site near the sea was a reclaimed sandy beach as opposed to the firm land at the original location, some special measures were introduced. The decision to introduce iron columns was an innovative one as these now support the floor slabs for all four floors, including the mezzanine.

Advantages& Disadvantages of Innitiative
* The reloction of building helped in preserving the cultural heritage * The new building provided 25000 sq-ft area and retained almost all the features of old building * The 26000 stones (actual) used in reloctation which was great achievement * New building was made with taking care of technical problems and also its old features * South Asia’s 1st ever relocated building

* The project was not economically feasible as it would very difficult to relocate original building at new place. The location of sea side causes problems and require maintenance at regular interval
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