Nursing Prevention and Promotion with Interest in Stds

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Literature Review of Health Prevention and the Purpose in Nursing Grand Canyon University


Literature Review of Health Promotion and the Purpose in Nursing
Health promotion is a very important aspect of nursing practice. There are three different but sometimes overlapping levels of health prevention developed by Leavell and Clark including, primary, secondary and tertiary. These levels of prevention are related to specific health promoting tasks before and during the disease process. (Edelman & Mandle, 2010)

Primary prevention focuses on being proactive through education and health promotion. The primary goal is the decrease in chance one has of obtaining the disease. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) “primary prevention and health promotion can prevent up to 70 percent of the disease burden” (WHO, 2008).

An example of primary prevention is sexually transmitted disease(STD)education and awareness. April is STD awareness month, to increase the publics knowledge about the impact of STDs in our lives and the importance of preventing, testing for and treating STDs.(Centers For Disease Control And Prevention, 2011) The STD campaign GYT:Get Yourself Tested(GYT). GYT is about creating a youthful social movement about getting oneself tested for and preventing the spread of STDs. The youth of today is comfortable with using acronyms and can use the GYT acronym to communicate with their peers about STDs. GYT encourages testing as an act of pride to themselves and to their partners. The GYT website offers information including local resources and testing centers, also the opportunity to place a widget on your own page from Facebook or to follow on Twitter. The GYT web site is based on familiarity with the youth of today and provides insight into what they want to know about sexual health and STD testing. It addresses common STD misconceptions and features a quick STD reference guide and...
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