Nursing Home Visit

Topics: Veterans Day, Old age, Thought Pages: 2 (619 words) Published: September 21, 2012
On November 11th 2011, I attended the assistant living facility facilty. On this certain day I saw a very special lady, on a very special day of hers. It was my clients eighty eighth birthday. She was very delighted to see me when I knock on her door. You could tell it from the smile on her face that she was very pleased to see me once again. She welcomed me into her room once again and kindly asked me to take a sit on the couch.

As I enter my clients’ room I handed her a cupcake for Veterans Day. You could tell from her expressions that she was very joyful that I gave her the cupcake. Just a few minutes of talking to my client I asked her, “Is vanilla cake alright for you cupcake because if not have chocolate upstairs?” She told me “No I love vanilla and that was very nice of you to give me a cupcake on my birthday”. Before I enter my client’s room I did not realize that it was her birthday. She thought that I gave her the cupcake for her birthday even though I told her that I was giving it to her for veteran day I did not want to hurt her feelings so I thought it would be a god idea not to tell her that it wasn’t for her birthday but for Veterans Day. I feel that in this situation I handled it very well. this facilty was one of three locations in the St. Louis area and I fell that it is a very well managed place for the elderlies to live. I think that my client feels safe at this facility and loves every one that works there. She has only lived there for a few months but assured me that she enjoys living there and that everyone is kind and friendly to her. She told me that of the faculties that she has been at that this one was the most comfortable one of all. She felt like she was at home here.

This was my second visit with my client, so she was very comfortable with me and was much more opened to talk with me the second time. I asked if she would mind if I took some vital signs on her and ask her a few question this time. My patient was very kind and...
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