Nursing Experiencing Mentorship & Reflection of Practice

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  • Published : December 15, 2010
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Experiencing Mentorship & Reflection of Practice – Applying Research in Practice

Description of Mentorship
Through out the years the nursing profession has changed, through evidence based practice, and nursing research the profession has elevated. Nurses have the tremendous responsibility of human lives in their hands, and as such the demand for clinical competence is essential. Academic education is a part of the journey however, as nursing is a practical profession there is also need for assimilation between the theory learnt and the practical profession. Mentorship provides the help for this assimilation, and therefore helps the student nurse to develop their clinical competence. Mentorship refers to a relationship between two individuals; one more experienced who is referred to as the mentor, who helps the other less experienced individual, referred to as the mentee. Mentors serve as a catalyst to transform as they instruct, council, guide and facilitate the development of another (1. Allen, 2006). The mentor-mentee relationship is one of guidance and understanding that leads to professional, as well as personal growth. Due to the nature of the nursing profession, nurses often times find themselves in ethical dilemmas. These situations have no clear right or wrong choice, and the nurse is guided by personal ethics and values. The goal of mentoring in nursing is to help the student nurse along the difficult path of gaining experience, to become a knowledgeable, confident, self-actualized, member of the health care profession. Mentoring goes beyond teaching knowledge or skills, or the mere passing on of information; it is a complex nurturing, developing and empowering relationship, that requires mutual learning, sharing, and growing (1.Allen, 2006). Mentors provide the psychosocial support that can be pivotal to the future career of graduate nurses. Benefits of Mentoring

The benefits of mentoring are tremendous to both the mentor and...
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