Nursing Competency

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  • Published : May 23, 2013
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Difference in competencies between nurses prepared at the associate degree level vs. the BSN Associate degree Nurse (ADN) nurses has 2 years training and diploma in nursing has 3 years of training .whereas Baccalaureate degree in Nursing has 4 years of training .The passing rate for NCLEX exam and basic clinical skills are the same example of I/V insertion, administering medicine and wound care. BSN training means Bachelor of Science in nursing are more focused in critical thinking skills, decision making skills, dealing with legal and ethical decision in evidence based practice and research based North Dakota was the first state that told about getting BSN after 10 years of diploma in nursing .Initiatives taken by these states New York, New jersey to increase stronger work force in nursing .AACN also emphasis of higher education level of nurses because of health care is changing more rapidly and more research is taking place and need for BSN education is increasing too.

BSN nurses can work as team leader and can have many management skills because they have trained to do research and their focus is to go in depth of a problem rather than what book has stated. BSN nurses can manage and delegate nursing task to other personnel in a professional manner.

BSN nurses verses ADN nurses competencies also defer in manner of decision making skills, critical thinking skills .BSN nurses involve and work with other interdisciplinary professional to solve the problem and help make new policy for their specialty of care.

Decision making will be different of Associate Degree Nurses vs. BSN. Patient admitted to critical care unit and he is not alert and awake or oriented to time place and person and patient’s son comes and he wanted to know about patient condition .But ADN nurse will not give information to his son because of HIPPA policy and tells patient’s son we are not allowed to give information because of privacy reason whereas BSN nurses will go in depth by...
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