Adn vs Bsn

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A registered nurse is a trained nurse that through formal education completes their college degree, and then proves their competency by passing the NCLEX licensing examination. Registered nurses can be educated on three different levels, but I will address only two. The Associate Degree nurse and the Bachelor of Science Degree nurse levels. Although there are many similarities in competencies, there are also a number of differences. The Associates Degree trained nurse (ADN), attends a two year program typically taught at a community college. The main part of the curriculum is preparing for clinical competency, but typically lacks instruction in theory and the science of nursing. The ADN level nurse was developed in response to a shortage of nurses following World War II. Mildred Montag developed the two year ADN program in response to the nursing shortage. Montag's defined the ADN as a technical nurse which included skill and some judgment to function at the intermediate level. Leadership and management were not part of the curriculum. Bachelor of Science of Nursing (BSN) programs are taught at four year colleges and universities. Clinical competency is achieved, as in the ADN program, but also additional areas of study such as: leadership and management, critical thinking and community health care. In a study by Giger and Davidhizar (1990), BSN nurses significantly outscore ADN nurses in the professional category. They are were more concerned with research, teaching and community assessment, whereas the ADN nurse was more concerned with the technical aspects of nursing care (Giger and Davidhizar, 1990). Critical thinking disposition skills of senior programs revealed that BSN students scored significantly higher on critical thinking. (Shin, 1998). Although, most people have some critical thinking skills, it is a skill that must be developed. In the BSN program this skill is learned through patient scenarios and critical thinking...
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