Nursing: Coaching and Sign-off Mentor

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Last updated by C. Hudson 28.11.08 1
Faculty of Health and Social Science
School of Nursing & Midwifery
Mentor / Sign-off Mentor Guide
including Portfolio of evidence
Caroline Hudson
Mentorship Co-ordinator
In partnership with Education partners, Placement Learning
Facilitators and SNM lecturer representatives.Last updated by C. Hudson 28.11.08 2 Welcome to your Mentor Portfolio Pack. This Pack has been devised by the University of Brighton to help you to gather the evidence and meet the NMC (2008) Standards to Support Learning and Assessment in Practice Requirements.

We have adapted this portfolio to reflect the Queen Victoria NHS Foundation Trust‟s Guidance for ensuring that the above standards are met. This Pack contains examples of how to complete each section as a mentor. If you are a Sign Off Mentor – The same principles apply, but you will need to evidence that you have mentored 2 final placements students in the last 3 years. Please note that this portfolio must be produced at your yearly appraisal and your yearly mentorship update session in order to meet the NMC (2008) standards.

Following your yearly appraisals the review paperwork (which is available as a separate document on the intranet) must be returned to the Practice Development Co-ordinator to ensure that the Trust complies with NMC Standards.

If you have any concerns or questions please contact either the Lecturer Practitioner for Plastic Reconstructive and Burns Pathway or the Practice Development Co-ordinator.Last updated by C. Hudson 28.11.08 3 Your Details

Name: A N Other
Ward / Department
Contact telephone
Email address: XXXX
Level 3 Mentorship
Year: 2007
University of Brighton SNM
Mentor updates:
Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
June 2008
June 2009
Annual / Triennial
review dates
June 2010Last updated by C. Hudson 28.11.08 4
About this mentor / Sign-off mentor portfolio
Aim and Learning outcomes
Confidentiality statement
Section One - Mentor / Sign-off mentor competency
NMC Standards for Mentorship
Mentor Mandatory requirements
Sign-off Mentor Mandatory requirements
Section Two – The Nursing / Midwifery Curriculum
Proficiency Standards
Changes to Curriculum
Section Three – Practice Assessment
Discussion forum guidelines
Challenging situations - Failing Students
Frequently asked questions
Support mechanisms
Section Four – Evidence of Ongoing Achievement
Self assessment
Other evidence
Triennial review confirmation list
Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning (APEL) against the Standards Using evidence for Recognising and Accrediting Work-related Learning (RAWL) Reference list Last updated by C. Hudson 28.11.08 5

Introduction to Mentor guide
The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) have developed Standards to support learning and assessment in practice (NMC 2008). The mentor/sign-off mentor guide and annual update session is aimed at those who have undertaken formal Mentor preparation and will facilitate your ongoing development as a mentor/sign-off mentor. 1. Nursing and Midwifery Council. 2008. Standards to support learning and assessment in practice. 2

nd edition. London: Nursing and Midwifery Council. Available on line at: [Accessed 20 July 2008] It is expected that it will take a minimum of 3 hours per year to complete your mentor update.

This time will normally be allocated as follows:-
Independent reading/self assessment, completing evidence see section 4. Attendance at a minimum of one 2 hour or two one hour mentor/sign-off mentor portfolio update
Section 4 of the mentor/sign-off mentor guide can be used at your annual /3 yearly review to demonstrate your ongoing development as a mentor/sign-off mentor. This section can also be used as supportive...
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