Nursing Bullying

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The Impact of Nurse to Nurse Bullying in the Workplace

The Impact of Nurse to Nurse Bullying in the Workplace

Have you ever been a target of an individual’s cruelty and hatred? It does not necessarily have to be physical, but more like being verbally degraded or publicly humiliated. The effects bullying can have on its victims is something that may last throughout their lives, or something that may end their life(Braithwaite, Hyde, Pope, 2010).We all are well aware of childhood bullying but as evidence shows bullying does not stop on the playground. Within health care, and nursing in particular, there is growing evidence of “in the work place” bullying (Malcolm,2006).Little is known about why there is such animosity between nurses but maybe if more people are aware of its presence, then it can be eliminated.(Stokowski,2010).

What is Nurse to Nurse Bullying?

Bullying is a term that is well known by everyone but in the nursing profession it may not be well understood. Nurse bullying is defined as” repeated vicious, unreasonable actions from one nurse to another”. These actions are intended to intimidate, degrade, offend or humiliate another nurse. Nurse bullying is throughout the profession (Braithwaite, Hyde, Pope, 2010). This type of behavior is not limited to one hospital or one type of nurse. Nurse bullying can be found anywhere around us but a few of the most common feuds are between a new nurse and a senior nurse, an ICU nurse and a medical surgical nurse and definitely the day shift nurse and the night shift nurse (Stokowski, 2010).

The term “nurses eat their young” is an expression used throughout nursing. It has become very popular because it is so true. This expression can be translated into senior nurses are harsh and...
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