Nurse Process

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Nursing Process is a method in professional nursing to identify, diagnose, and treat human responses to health illness. It has a series of steps which are assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementation and evaluation. A respiratory infection called Pneumonia was applied to each step of the nursing process. It is an illustration of how to apply the condition in each step by collecting the information, diagnosing the signs and symptoms, planning the goals, desired outcomes and interventions, and lastly by determining if all the other steps were efficient and what changes are needed to done.

Nursing process is a variation of scientific reasoning that allows organizing and systematizing in nursing practice. According to American Nurses Association (ANA), it is a method in professional nursing to identify, diagnose, and treat human responses to health illness (Potter & Perry, 2009). It is essential on how to practice nursing. This process is used in nursing to determine and prevent actual or possible illnesses and promotes wellness as well through the use of critical thinking. “Nursing process is a designated series of actions intended the patient’s wellness – and, if this state changes to provide the amount and quality of nursing care the situation demands to direct the patient back to wellness” (Chitty & Black, 2007). Nursing process is composed of five steps that nurses have to apply on solving a problem. These steps are Assessment, Diagnosis, Implementation, Planning and Evaluation.

Nursing Process is a method that has grown rapidly and has been widely used in nursing. This process all began during 1950’s which was evidenced by Lydia Hall’s lecture called “The Quality of Nursing Care.” In this lecture she illustrated that nursing is a process. Process of nursing was described as a series of steps by Johnson (1959), Orlando (1961) and Weidenbach (1963) (Wilkinson, 2007). In the 1960’s, nursing process was fully illustrated with the help of nursing educators and leaders. Nursing process was developed further and started to be published during 1970’s. The three steps of nursing process progressed to becoming five steps. Ever since then, nursing process has been developed and has been taught in institutions of higher education to achieve a good quality of care. Nursing process and its phases have been incorporated with the state board exam questions or National Council Licensure Examination for registered nurses (NCLEX). It is also used in criteria evaluating facilities by the National accrediting bodies.

North American Nursing Diagnosis Association (NANDA) changed the role and responsibilities of nurses. This organization was established in the year of 1982. Their purpose was to “develop, refine, and promote taxonomy of nursing diagnostic terminology of general use for professional nurses (Potter & Perry, 2009). They published the first list of nursing diagnoses which allowed nurses to diagnose conditions of the patients. It has been argued upon by many due to the fact that diagnosis was considered only on the physician’s range of practice and not for nurses. They have published their sixth edition of Nursing Diagnoses: Definitions and Classifications that have 167 NANDA approved diagnoses, 5 new diagnoses and 3 revised diagnoses (Chitty & Black, 2007). Nursing diagnosis helps nurses to diagnose autonomously by classifying the problems that agrees with their nursing intervention.

The entire diagnosis list that was given by NANDA is helpful on determining the conditions of patients and also in the steps of the nursing process. The initial step of the nursing process is Assessment in which the nurse...
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