Nupath Food, Inc

Topics: Psychology, Perception, Understanding Pages: 2 (318 words) Published: October 21, 2011
MBA-Human Behaviour Management

1. The underlying problem of the case is the difference between James Ornath the Vice President and Denise Washington the brand manager perception. Ornath perceives that Washington will be delighted to be the new Marketing Research Coordinator as he does before when he holds the position and that it is a reward to Washington for her good performance as brand manager. Ornath also perceived that it is a good opportunity for Washington to learn and enhance her career just the way he did several years ago. These perceptions of Ornath are affected by:

1. Projection – the misperception that Washington is similar to him (Ornath) and that his values and beliefs are appropriate.

2. Selective perception – Ornath considers the surprise of Washington as a positive reaction to support his perception that Washington was delighted.

3. Mood – he was very happy that he did not consider the negative effect of the situation for Washington.

Washington perception of the situation was that it was done to single her out to be included in top management and the comment of Ornath that the transfer will be good for her is just a nice way of saying she has no place in the top management. These perceptions of Washington are affected by:

1. Stereotyping – wherein she perceives Nupath management is the same as her previous company where women are not welcome to on top management positions.

2. Selective Perception – considering Ornath comments on her transfer that is just a way of saying it nicely that she has no place in the top management to support her perception that she has been sidelined.

3. Mood – she is confused that he did not consider the transfer as a reward but perceived it negatively.

2. To alleviate the problem Washington must confront Ornath how she feels about the transfer while Ornath should explain his objective of the transfer.
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