Btec Health and Social Care Unit 2

Topics: Discrimination, Affirmative action, Race and Ethnicity Pages: 2 (637 words) Published: September 16, 2012
Henna Zafar
Unit 2:
P1 – Explain the concepts of equality, diversity and rights in relation to Health and Social Care

In health and social care it is essential that there is an equal chance for everybody to use the services. It is also vital for the people working within a health and social care service to treat everybody equally despite their age, gender, sexuality, background, disability and ethnicity. There is a wide range of terms which need to be understood and respected in, both, health and social care and in general. Following is a glossary produced by me which briefly explains important terms. Glossary:

Term| Definition|
Equality:| * Every human has equal rights and opportunities despite what factors make them different| Equity:| * Fairness and justice. In health and social care this means that every person is entitled to equal access to any service.| Diversity:| * Recognising and accepting that everyone is different and learning to respect that| Rights:| * Legal entitlements which allow everyone to live safely in their society, despite their differences, without fear of being discriminated against or attacked | Opportunity:| * Everybody working in or using the health care services should have equal opportunities ranging from jobs to medical help or treatment.| Differences:| * Everybody’s differences need to be accepted and respected. These differences could include their culture and values, age, religion, look, attitude, skin colour etc.| Overt Discrimination:| * Obvious discrimination which can be clearly perceived | Covert Discrimination:| * This is the opposite of overt discrimination. It means people are discriminating undercover and therefore it becomes much harder to catch these people in the act.| Stereotyping:| * This a form of discrimination where people make unfound assumptions about a group of people based on something they heard or witnessed in the past|...
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