Nuclear Power Plant

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  • Published : April 3, 2011
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The news about the earthquake and tsunami tragedy in Japan is still fresh. But what made it worst is when the nuclear power plant in Japan exploded. The event released massive amounts of radiation into the community and has infected a lot of people. Today, there is a proposal to open the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant. I admit that I am afraid of the fact that the scenario that happened in Japan might happen to us Filipinos as well. For me, I do not agree with the proposal. Opening the nuclear power plant in Bataan was proposed because it offers a lot of benefits. First, it eliminates useless paranoia and improves wealth efficiency. It can save a lot of money and can get rid of the tattletale terrors in the community. Next, our country also calls for a “culture of safety”. Our nation has to harness the strength to make responsible decisions for our country and for the world. In addition, nuclear power is relatively inexpensive. It generates into lower electricity costs for consumers. It is true that there are lots of advantages that can be obtained if the proposal will be pursued. However, the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant proposal also causes numerous disadvantages. It brings harmful or even fatal effects in the body. A nuclear meltdown can often occur which will release massive amounts of radiation into the community. Furthermore, it is too costly just to build a power plant. Maintenance and operating costs are also high because lots of money must be sent on safety systems in case something goes wrong. Lastly, it is a good place to start corruption. Public officials see this as a fire up to build projects and to raise funds that will just be placed in their own pockets. But what I really care about is my health. Everybody’s health. I do not want to experience what Japan has experienced. Even the nearby countries like Hong Kong were infected by the tragedy. Yes, we are already exposed to radiation in our everyday lives. Just simply watching...
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