Nuclear Energy Pros and Cons

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  • Published : January 30, 2011
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Nuclear energy

Nuclear energy in scientific terms defined as the inhaustible energy derived from the nucleus of an atom by the process of nucleus break up through nuclear fission and nuclear fusion. Nuclear fission is a process where the nucleus of an atom splits and releases radioactive materials such as uranium which are used in many ways. Nuclear fusion is a process s when the two atoms of an element get together and large amount of heat is generated. in this way the nucleus releases tremendous energy that is utilized for many purposes both constructive and destructive.

Nuclear energy- a boon

This powerful energy was found by William Rontgen in 1895. The energy released by the nucleus is used in the production of nuclear reactors which perform variety of functions. The nuclear reactors are used to boil water at a very high temperature within a specified period of time to use for industrial and production purposes. That water is also used to activate the turbine that is present in the shaft of a generator. The nuclear energy is powerful because helps in production of heat and electricity is larger quantities. It is a form of energy that does not directly create air pollution like combustion of coal or release of petroleum products produces. Nuclear energy is a source of power and may be used in the future as a means of substitute because it is free from pollution. There are many advantages of nuclear energies which the other form of energies cannot provide. Although it releases energy it does not inject any harmful gases like carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide , carbon monoxide etc that is hazardous to environment. It does not constitute in the rise of global warming which the other form of energies do. When nuclear energy is being produced many area of the land is not occupied. Many natural resources are not exploited while producing the power. The energy is released by radiation does not specifically cause any harm to the environment and living creatures...
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