Is Nuclear Energy Safe

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Is Nuclear Energy Safe?
Atomic energy is the released by a nuclear reaction. Nuclear energy is an alternative for things that produce energy like coal, wind, or other natural resources. The use of nuclear energy in the world has had a huge impact on the economic qualities of countries. When countries use nuclear energy they are putting the people in risk of radioactive poison and cancer. Some people argue that nuclear energy is worth the risk if it saves money, but nuclear is too risky because of past accidents, radioactivity, and clean- up costs. Birth of the Industry

Earnest Rutherford split atom in 1917, but the discovery of nuclear fission was discovered by many scientists over five decades of work, but the idea was first thought of by Ida Noddack. After many years of testing the idea of nuclear fission was brought into sight in the 1930's. Otto Hahn was given credit for the discovery of nuclear fission in 1938. Nuclear fission was discovered in Germany; where Otto Hahn received the Noble Prize for his discovery. Even though it took over 50 years to discover; the actual discovery changed the world.(New York Times) What does nuclear energy consist of?

Nuclear energy consists of Uranium and sometimes Graphite. Although Uranium 2
is the go to element; Graphite gets hotter. Uranium is used more than Graphite because the atom has an unnecessarily large nucleus. (New York Times) Nuclear power originates from Uranium because the nucleus is larger, so it can handle more heat and give off more power.(EPA)Even though nuclear energy is made of multiple elements Uranium is the most important because it gives off enough heat to power the turbines. How does nuclear energy work?

The most simple way to explain nuclear power is just a very complicated way to boil water.(New York Times) In the process water is brought in from a natural source and sent to turbines that heat the water rapidly. When the water is heated to the right temperature; the water is the pumped to other ores that push the water to create power. Because the energy is made from Uranium it gives off enough heat to power two dozen buildings. ( New York Times) The complicated way of boiling water has saved millions. Reaction

The most common reaction in nuclear fission is when the nucleus splits. After the nucleus splits, it absorbs a neutron that causes the element to change in to Plutonium 239. (New York Times) After splitting the reaction sends fragments out into the water. Which allows the energy to be transferred to surrounding water. When energy is transferred it causes the surrounding water to boil rapidly. The reaction nuclear fission has is never the same, but the reaction always causes something to change. Reactors

Who built the first reactor?
Enrico Fermi built the first reactor in 1942 in Stagg Field Chicago. (New York Times) Enrico Fermi had studied the process for several years. After many trails and errors he finally built the first reactor. Although many people believed he was crazy for trying, they soon realized what Fermi had built. Enrico Fermi went down in the books as the first person build a successful reactor. What is a reactor?

A reactor is the device that encourages the reaction so that it will occur. When the reactor is powered up it releases large amounts of energy that provide heat to cause a reaction with in the nucleus. After the reactor is heated the energy is transferred to the core, place where coal is burned that powers the reactor, and nuclear fission occurs. (New York Times) The heat given off by the reactors causes fires within the core causing explosions. Reactors have been used for decades, but they are the number one cause of accidents. Upgrades

When reactors start slowing down the process, it becomes times for an upgrade. Most upgrades call for a report on maintenance and who made the upgrade.(New York Times) The report has to be filled out while the upgrades are completed. If a nuclear plant fails to...
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