Now a Days Organization

Topics: Capital, Investment, Capital accumulation Pages: 1 (382 words) Published: February 9, 2013
Now a day’s organizations is more aware about human asset. Effective organizations realize that their employees do have value, much as the organizations physical and capital assets have value. The human asset has some value which is: Technical knowledge, Ability to learn and grow, Decision making capabilities, Commitment etc., which don’t have in other assets. Physical and capital assets in an organization such as plant, property, machinery, and technology are required to maintain by human asset. That’s why now a day’s organization is trying to give more training to their human asset and trying to use human asset perfectly. Enhanced performance, potential increased loyalty, and motivation are given by organization through training. Human assets cannot be duplicated and therefore become the competitive advantage that an organization enjoys in the markets. In addition, human assets sustainable than investments in other types of assets these are: 1. Financial: Plays an important role in our economy, enabling the other types of Capital to be owned and traded. But unlike the other types, it has no real value itself but is representative of natural, human, social or manufactured capital; e.g. shares, bonds or bank notes. 2. Human: Consists of people's health, knowledge, skills and motivation. All these things are needed for productive work. Enhancing human capital through education and training is central to a flourishing economy. 3. Market: Any stock or flow of energy and material within the environment that produces goods and services. Natural capital is the basis not only of production but of life itself. 4. Operational: Comprises material goods, or fixed assets which contribute to the production process rather than being the output itself – e.g. tools, machines and buildings. 5. Physical: This is including plant, land, equipment and raw materials. SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT is the best way to manage these capital assets in the long-term. It is a...
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