Notes for Identity and Belonging

Topics: Identity, Family, Australia Pages: 6 (1774 words) Published: October 26, 2012
SUCCESS THROUGH WORK AND FAMILY CULTURE-Family teach us values, attitudes and beliefs -Family expectations can cause children to feel pressured to perform to high standards, bringing honour to the familyPerfect Chinese Children – Vanessa Woods‘What happened to the four percent?’ ‘[Australian children] don’t work as hard, are loud and uncouth and, worst of all, talk back to their parents’Arranged marriages in India (Cultural): -An arranged marriage is a way of uniting and maintaining the difference between the rich upper class society and the poor lower class society. -Positive: gives the parents utmost control over family matters and members. They would decide on someone, who is the best for their son/daughter. -Negative: boy and the girl do not know each other. get married without knowing and understanding each other -Not ahigh chance of liking eachother and hence no mutual level of understanding and subjected to a life of compromise. -Such a system favours familial and societal expectations, and thus shows that intimate relationships with others help to shape and define who we are.

Pigs from Home – Hop Doc“I was brought up in the belief that any good Vietnamese family was a self-sustaining one.” “ the divide between the old world and the new”
COMPARING BETWEEN THE HAPPINESS OR LACK OF, THAT ASIAN FAMILY EXPECTATIONS HAVE-Parental demands cause some children to feel obliged or they will rebel -By following their parents work ethic, they may be stereotyped by Australians Spiderbait – Annette Shun WahAnnette was happy to work on her parents poultry farm “our parents had enough trouble making us speak Chinese, let alone believe in Chinese ghosts and ancestor worship”

Take me away, please- Lily ChanLily dreaded working after school in her family restaurant THE FAMILY IS RELUCTANT TO ACCEPT AUSTRALIAN CULTURE-Some families are happier being with their family -Being distanced from Australian culture can lead to a family crisesFive Ways to Disappoint Your Vietnamese Mother - Diana NguyenMothers rejection

The Courage of Soldiers – Pauline NguyenRunning away from her angry and controlling father FAMILY IS AT EASE WITH ACCEPTING AUSTRALIAN CULTURE-Families at ease are more able to help their children to settle into Australian cultureDestiny – Shalini AkhilHer Grandmother helps her be proud of her Idian traditions

Dancing lessons – Cindy PanEncourages Cindy’s ambitions EXTENDED ASIAN FAMILY INFLUENCES-Helps develop a child’s sense of selfQuarrel – Ken Chan Dispite the dysfunction and chaos, he felt that ‘loneliness was never a problem’ THE LANGUAGE OF BELONGING: LEARNING ENGLISH AND LEARNING ‘AUSTRALIAN’ IDEASEXPANDING IDEAS STORYQUOTE/EXPLANATIONOUTSIDE EXAMPLES THE FRUSTRATION OF COMMUNICATION BARRIERS -Without being understood, you remain in the shadows of your adopted country, unable to belong to a new world. The beat of a different drum – Simon Tong“If I couldn’t express myself, then who was my self?” “Crossing the classroom threshold was like stumbling through a portal into a foreign country. I was robbed of speech, hearing and literacy” ‘Each lesson was like a foreign movie without subtitles.’The social identity theory: -Developed by Henri Tajfel, proposes that the membership of social groups and categories forms an important part of our self concept. -Therefore when an individual is interacting with another person, they will not act as a single individual but as a representative of a whole group or category of people, adopting two personalities when talking to people; themselves and the groups identity -Three psychological processes: categorisation of others (exaggerating differences), Social comparison (comparing social groups, determining status), groups membership for positive self-esteem 38% of Melbournians are not born in Australia

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