Notes: Atmosphere and Married People

Topics: Atmosphere, Earth, Mars Pages: 5 (1884 words) Published: January 8, 2013
Charles Lamb's essay "A Bachelor's Complaint of the Behavior of Married People" is just what the title suggests: it is indeed "a bachelor's complaint of the behavior of Married People." Lamb emphasizes his single status in the start of the essay"As a single man"and in doing so, separates himself from the "Married People." He talks about Married People as if they are despicable and offensive and gives both hypothetical and personal examples to back up his points. He believes that Married People "prefer one another to all the world" and openly flaunt it, thus offending singles such as Lamb by implying that they "are not the object of this preference."  Furthermore, Lamb believes that overall, singles are looked down on Married People are undoubtedly more favored and knowledgeable. The main complaint that Lamb is making throughout the whole essay is the Married People's attitudes and how they demonstrate their status.  He goes as far as to "the airs which these creatures give themselves when they come to have children "and, by using the negative aspects of children, he furthers his disapproval of Married People and their actions. He structures his argument by stating his main reason for decrying Married People is because he believes them to be overly involved with each other and their love that they disregard and "perk it up in the faces of [singles] so shamelessly From this claim, Lamb offers personal anecdotes as well as hypothetical situations that illustrate and support his points. At the beginning of the essay, Lamb firmly establishes a line between him and Married People simply by capitalizing "Married People." In doing so, he sets them apart in their own group of Married People, symbolizing that this is truly how it is in reality too: Married People set themselves apart in their own groups through their attitudes. They really do seem to be off in their own little world of love, and this is what Lamb dislikes.  Lamb brings up the subject of children and how they also contribute to the Married People's attitudes. He brings out all the negative aspects of children and emphasizes them by listing them continuously with dashes as separation. He also bring in a simile from "the excellent office in [the] Prayer-book""Like as arrows in the hand of the giant, even so are the young children"and uses it in his favor. He takes this idea of arrows and extends it into a metaphor to support his argument. Like "double-headed" arrows with "two forks, to be sure to hit with one or the other", how one acts with children will always be wrong; "with one or other of these forks the arrow is sure to hit you." Whether you act stoic to a child's attention or shower them with affection, "some pretext or other is sure to be found for sending them out of the room." Through this comparison of double-headed arrows and children, Lamb effectively conveys his opinions of Married People and their attitudes that are shown in everything, including the way they handle their children. Lamb's purpose in writing "A Bachelor's Complaint of the Behavior of Married People" is to bring to attention the attitudes of Married People. He wishes for his audience to realize how Married People subconsciously flaunt themselves in their love, offending those who are single. Ultimately, he hopes that Married People will bring themselves to correct their mistakes and be more considerate towards othersHowever, Lamb fails to address any possible counterarguments. His argument addresses only the negative aspects of Married People, but surely there are positive sides as well. By failing to address and disprove these possibilities, Lamb leaves room for doubt

  Arthur C. Clarke’s “Talking of Space: Report on Planet Three” is an enlightening report on the universe. It raises questions on the life on Mars and its’ possibilities. The space is both mysterious and also beautiful and essay takes us on a trip to the outer space....
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