Notebook Literary Analysis

Topics: Nicholas Sparks, The Notebook, Love Pages: 1 (422 words) Published: June 4, 2012
Is a person to be judged by whom they are, not who they appear to be? Is it about morals, values, and character or money, power, and social status? Nicholas Sparks instilled this moral value in his novel, The Notebook, a story of two young loves destined to be together. Noah Calhoun a laborer from Seabrook, South Carolina, never laid eyes on something more beautiful, his Allie Hamilton. Love to them was nothing but passion, there was no care for background, yet they had no clue interference would soon effect the fondness for each other. No doubt the thing about love is that it does not see reason when maybe it should. Noah adored everything about Allie as she did the same about him, Allie’s father had no problem yet her mother on the other hand despised the display of affection she had for a man who makes forty cents an hour. Although, if Allie were to stay with Lon, she would have been consent but not happy, she would have found herself in a relationship where the feelings were not mutual for both, she cared for Lon but her heart belonged to Noah. After viewing Noah’s picture in the local paper, Allie’s heart divided into two. She realized the love she has for Noah. The impact he had on her, made her realize that it was her life and she was able to see what love truly is, he made her understand life was not about money or social status, it was about what makes you happy and being yourself. To tie into current standards, some people are based solely upon their appearance, without knowing the person that lies within, whether it is in a good way or a bad way. Unfortunately, the society we live in often benefits people of physical attractiveness, and discriminate against those who may not be as appealing to the eyes. People that may appear flawless, or beautiful, to society may gain unfair advantages. In final analysis, should acceptance be through what you see or what is on the inside? Allie chose Noah because she knew she no longer wanted to live her mother’s...
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