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  • Published : April 3, 2013
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|  |RESEARCH PROPOSAL FORMAT |  | |  | |  | |  | |  | |Research Title: |  | |  | | Fear of Disintermediation: A Study of marketing managers perception across the industries | |Introduction: |   | | | | | | | |Background: | |Disintermediation can be described as the reduction or elimination of the role of retailers, brokers, distributors and other middleman in transitions | |between the producer and the customer. To be more precise, it means to remove the intermediary which is operating in the supply chain of the company | |(Atkinson, 2001). | |Disintermediation has increased in recent years in different industries since the arrival of the internet. Since Intermediaries add value to the product | |and our important part of the supply chain, Disintermediation is a significant issue in the management of the whole supply chain (Sampson & Fawcet, 2001). | |Companies now a days are starting to realize that the core to the long-term success is to have direct access to the customers in order to meet the changing| |needs and demands of the consumers, which increases the fear of disintermediation for the marketing managers across the industries. Intermediaries are | |thought as a bridge that connects Producers and Consumers, But companies today are focused towards removing the bridge and having direct access to these | |customers in order to have an appropriate idea of their target market (Sampson & Fawcet, 2001). | |Many companies in different industries from power tools to music to food packaged products to equipment related to medical field are looking forward to | |explore the opportunity of disintermediation if it can give more benefit, which in return pressurizes the intermediaries to perform more and thus creates | |the fear of being disinter mediated from the supply chain of the organization (Sampson & Fawcet, 2001). | | | |Different industries are taking advantage of disintermediation. Travel agencies in...
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