Topics: Death, Euthanasia, Involuntary euthanasia Pages: 2 (573 words) Published: February 19, 2013
(a) Explain the difference between Euthanasia and suicide. (2) Euthanasia is the act about bringing a person an easy death so that they don’t suffer. Suicide is death from any method and it is done by one person while euthanasia is done by a professional or a relative.

(b) Explain TWO different types of Euthanasia giving examples. (4) The Two types are:
Involuntary Euthanasia – occurs when a patient does not give their consent/permission to die. Passive Euthanasia – Widely carried out and generally judged to be legal where patients are allowed to die by withdrawing treatment and/or nourishment.

(c) “When the time comes. I shall need help…”

What advice would an egoist and a situationist give to the person faced with this dilemma?(4)

The advice that an egoist and a situationist would give is to proceed with Euthanasia. This is because they would tell you that you will live a sick and sorrowful life and it will hurt your reputation. Also they would say, by the looks of your physical attributes your basically dead already. They wold say this because these two people only care about reputation and external appearance therefore, being sickly and dying is looked down upon.

(d) Give Three Reasons why a Christian would oppose to Euthanasia.(3) Three reasons why a Christian would oppose are:
(i) They would explain that God keeps you on the earth for a reason and he wants you to fulfill his outlook for your life. (ii) They would tell them that requesting that your life should be taken away brings disappointment to God’s face because he is your creator and you should die when he is ready for you to die. (iii) A Christian would consider it murder. Taking away the privileges of knowing when you’ll die is considered a killing in a Christian perspective.

(4) “To live or die, the choice is mine” (7)
JPR Question.

I fully disagree with the statement “To live or to die, the choice is mine. God created your body and soul and put you into...
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