Topics: Albert Einstein, Einstein family, General relativity Pages: 3 (881 words) Published: February 7, 2013
1880The family move to Munich
1881His sister Maja (Maria) is born
1884The Compass - When he was only five years old his father showed Albert a pocket compass and he was fascinated by the thought that something unseen was moving the needle
1885 -1888The Einstein family did not observe Jewish religious practices and Albert attended a Catholic elementary school
1889Albert Einstein is introduced to a family friend called Max Talmud who introduced the boy to books on science and mathematics. Albert starts his quest for facts and information available about the sciences. He attends the Luitpold-Gymnasium in Munich for the next six years

1894Due to financial reasons the Einstein family move from Munich to Pavia, Italy. Albert is left in Munich to finish his studies but soon decides to follow the family to Italy
1895He is sent to the Swiss town of Aarau to finish high school. 1896Albert graduates from high school at the age of 17 and enrols at the ETH (the Federal Polytechnic) in Zurich. He renounces his German citizenship

1898Albert meets and falls in love with Mileva Maric, a Hungarian classmate at the ETH 1900Einstein graduates in 1900 from ETH with a degree in physics 1901February 21: Albert Einstein acquires Swiss citizenship. He completes his first scientific paper on the capillary forces of a straw. Mileva becomes pregnant and moves to live with her parents in to Hungary to give birth to their baby. Albert moves to Bern.

1902Einstein and Mileva have a daughter called Lieserl Einstein who is later given up for adoption. Albert takes a job at the Swiss Patent Office
1903January 6, 1903: Einstein marries Mileva
1904May 14, 1904: Albert and Mileva's first son, Hans Albert Einstein, was born in Berne, Switzerland. 1905His Special Theory of Relativity is born and he applies his theory to mass and energy and formulates the famous equation e=mc2. Einstein has four papers published in the Annalen der Physik, the leading German...
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