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Nokia Code of Conduct

Nokia Code of Conduct

Dear Colleague,
Nokia products touch the lives of billions of people,
from every corner of the earth, from every type of
culture, from every age and background, every day. In
fact, we made it our mission to get a mobile phone into
the hands of everyone, because we believe technology
should be a powerful force for societal advancement. By
connecting people to mobile products and services, we
can help people improve their lives no matter what they
do, where they live or what their circumstances are.
However, with this impact and influence, comes a
great amount of responsibility. As a leader in mobile
technology, Nokia has an obligation to also raise the
standard for ethical business conduct. This means not
just finding ways to avoid negative impact, but actively,
constantly looking for ways to make situations better.
Thus, we have established a Nokia Code of Conduct to
help us do the right thing as a company.
The Nokia Code of Conduct was first published in 1997,
and we continue to revise and update the code as the
worlds of technology and business evolve. However, the
fundamental principles remain consistent. It is not
enough that we strictly adhere to laws and regulations,
but we must instill the highest degree of ethical conduct
in every action we take.
As stewards of business, Nokia must foster diversity and
equality. We have zero tolerance for corruption. We will
be environmentally aware in all things we do. And, our

Stephen Elop

President and CEO, Nokia

products, our technology and our people must positively
contribute to human rights. As you engage in the communities of the world, the Code of Conduct is your trusted resource to help you address ethical issues you might face.
At Nokia, we have the reach, the scale and the values to help people around the world see, seize and share opportunities.
We believe that when people find these opportunities, they
can fulfill their potential, and the world becomes a better
place for all of us.

Nokia Code of Conduct
Setting the highest standards

Nokia has always recognized that its own long-term
interests and those of its various stakeholders depend on
strict adherence to applicable regulation, the Rule of Law
and on following the highest standards of ethics. For Nokia, ethical business conduct does not mean mere minimum
legal compliance. As an industry leader, we aspire to be
among the best in the world in corporate responsibility,
actively promoting human rights and environmental protection through our products and solutions. At Nokia this is everyone’s responsibility and an integral part of managing Nokia’s business and brand. Nokia Group Executive Board has approved and issued

this Code of Conduct, and it is shared and reinforced
throughout the company. The Board periodically reviews
this Code and follows its implementation closely.
The Nokia Values are embedded in this Code. Every employee is expected to conduct himself or herself, and his or her business, in line with this Code without exception.
Stricter guidelines or more detailed instructions may be
appropriate for certain regions, countries or functions,
but they must not contradict this Code.
Better communication leads to better life

Nokia will respect human dignity and promote human
rights. Nokia recognizes, with the international community,
that certain human rights should be considered fundamental and universal, based on accepted international conventions and practices, such as those of the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Among those rights that Nokia views as fundamental and
universal are: freedom from discrimination on any grounds;
freedom from arbitrary detention, execution or torture;
freedom of peaceful assembly and association; freedom of
thought, conscience and religion; and freedom of opinion
and expression.
Nokia’s products and technologies contribute positively...
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