No to Abortion

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  • Published : May 27, 2013
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Abortion Is a Crime

Many people think fetus does not belong to a real life, only babies that were born are real lives; however, their point of view is wrong, it is proven that life begins at fertilization, so all the people who thinks abortion is not a murder, they are wrong. When a fetal is terminated it is equal to murder a living human life, because a fetus is not just a body, it is a body with soul. Abortion has also become one of the most crucial society problems in the world now; it did not just bring physical damages to women, but also psychological.

A scientific textbook called “Basics of Biology” gives five characteristics of a life. A life is organized and has the ability to acquire materials and energy, to respond to their environment, to reproduce and to adapt. So when a human male’s sperm unites with a human female’s oocyte, a human life is created. It is scientifically proven that fetuses can hear, see and react, so when a mother is pregnant, fetus has the ability to become a real man, the fetus is only lack of “parent’s love” and time. In research, there were 40-50 million of abortions happened last year, approximately 125 000 a day; this static signifies that every 2 seconds, a mother has crushed an innocent baby’s life. There are 153 000 deaths every day in the world last year, if abortion count as death too, this means 44 percent of the world’s death is caused by abortion.

Abortion is a cruel action, even worse than murdering, because the life you are killing is just a baby, a baby that cannot resist. The four oldest religions in the world-Buddhism, Islam, Christians, and Catholics- are always persistently urged that abortion is not allowed. 59 percent of the world population has belief in these four religions, this indicates that there should be over 4.9 billion of people is against abortion. Even a dog is a valuable life; besides, a fetus is a pure living human life.

Abortion is not only a moral problem, the serious...
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