Pro Choice or Pro Life?

Topics: Abortion, Pregnancy, Roe v. Wade Pages: 5 (1905 words) Published: December 5, 2012
Many people can relate to the feeling of desperately wanting to turn back time, but there just is no way to reverse a pregnancy. What Should be Done?
 Seek a Supreme Court decision that overturns Roe and protects the unborn by banning abortion, except when the pregnancy poses a clear threat to the mother's life.  Protect the life of the unborn by passing a law or constitutional amendment (such as the Human Life Amendment) explicitly recognizing that human life exists from the moment of conception.  Until abortion is outlawed, pursue measures to restrict it, such as requiring young, pregnant women to seek parental consent before they can get an abortion; requiring women who intend to have an abortion to consult with their husbands; and requiring counseling before the abortion decision to permit doctors to talk about fetal development with pregnant women.  Ban the late-term procedure called partial-birth abortion, and impose criminal penalties on doctors who practice it.  Forbid the use of public facilities or public funds to perform abortions.  Forbid the sale or distribution of drugs, such as RU486 or the morning after pill, that offer a non-surgical alternative to abortion. Arguments For This Approach

 Human life begins at conception. Therefore, abortion is murder, which is universally condemned and prohibited. It is not considered a matter of individual moral judgment. The right of the unborn to live supercedes any right of a woman to control her own body.  Sanctioning abortion devalues life. Every premise used to justify the killing of an unborn child could also be used to justify the killing of individuals such as senile elderly persons or those who are psychologically impaired -- who some consider less than a person in the whole sense.  Since the Roe decision, abortion has become routine: around a quarter of all pregnancies today are terminated by abortions, and it has become a contraceptive of last resort for many women.  Considering the moral seriousness of the decision, requiring pregnant women who are thinking about abortion to consult with their spouses, parents, doctors, and other counselors is entirely appropriate.  By allowing a policy of abortion on demand, the law conveys the wrong attitudes about sex, parenthood, and what it means to be morally responsible.  Abortion on demand has led to this country's high rate of teenage pregnancy, which has contributed to many of our social ills. Arguments Against This Approach

 The assertion that life begins at conception is a personal belief, not a biological fact, and it is not universally held. Within the religious community, people differ about the definition of a person and when abortion is morally justified.  A woman has a privacy right to control her own body.

 Under certain circumstances -- when pregnancy results from rape, for example -- abortion is a morally justifiable choice.  Banning specific late-term abortion procedures forces physicians into the unconscionable position of jeopardizing a patient's health.  Denying young women the right to abortion would, in many cases, force them to drop out of school and doom their families to poverty.  If the right to abortion is denied or sharply restricted, we'll return to the situation that existed before Roe. Illegal abortions will be performed by unskilled practitioners in unsanitary circumstances, and the health and safety of millions of women will be jeopardized.

1. I can’t let my parents know – they’ll kill me!
Have your parents ever killed anyone before? Unless they really are violent, you mean they will be very upset. And you are probably right. Give your parents some credit, though. They did not make it to adulthood without experiencing disappointment. Your parents have had dreams shattered and hopes dashed, yet they have survived. Abortion involves the life of their grandchild. It seems only fair to include them, even if they will initially be...
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