No One Knows

Topics: Education, Teacher, School Pages: 2 (409 words) Published: March 18, 2013
No one knows what he can do until he tries.
One day a new student comes into your class and he looks like a quiet person. For a few weeks he seems to be a very nice boy, after becoming a part of the crowd his actions of being a nice quiet boy changes. Each day there seems to be a difference in his actions and mannerism. He becomes bold in doing wrong things and displays very little manners and respect for others. He now influences other children in doing wrong as well so that they could get into trouble along with him. He graduly picks fights, steals other peoples property and is disrespectful to the teachers.

While the teacher is teaching he is disruptive by making out bursting noises in the classroom. He calls students ill names and has no care for other persons feelings. When the teacher contacts his parents and ask for them to come to the school for them to discuss his behavior he acts as if he didn't do anything wrong. When his parents heard about the way that he behaved they were very disipointed at him. After meeting with his teacher you would think that his behavior would have changed, but he got worse. No one would have thought such a quiet boy would behave like this, no one new what type of behavior he was capable of.

After a few days had passed the teacher was not recieving any bad reports about him. He now begins to behave in class as the teacher teaches. He's not making out burst in class any more. More importantly he is being helpful to his teacher and class mates. The name calling has stopped, and no one is regretting hearing any harsh words being said to them. A turn around has also been made in his class work and over all school participation. He's getting good grades in class and also gotten involved with a few after school programs such as band, volleyball,and discovery club.

He tries to be the very best at being a good student and a nice class mate to the other pupils in his classroom. He shares with others if they don't have...
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