The Impact of a Disadvantage Socioeconomic Background

Topics: Sociology, Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, Sibling Pages: 3 (1070 words) Published: September 21, 2008
The Impact of a Disadvantage Socioeconomic Background
There are some concerns here at the Prestigious School of Atlanta regarding the behavior of an eight grade student who is now the subject of disciplinary actions which has yet to be determined. The student comes from a disadvantage socioeconomic background; he is very active and can be difficult to quiet down at times. He was caught beating up another student and the principal has determined the student best interest is to remain at the school under the appropriate disciplinary actions. This incident will also allow us to have a policy established so we can react swiftly and appropriately in the event this situation or similar situation happens again. Before I render the proposed disciplinary action I will discuss sociological theories to explain and support the decisions made. The social disorganization theory refers to the failure of social institutions or organizations in certain communities and/or neighborhoods (O’Connor, 2006). Logic, critical thinking, perception and the perceptual process are mental evaluations people use daily to support their beliefs or self-interests. These evaluations are in the developmental stages with kids while they are transitioning through childhood. A person culture or living environment can have a major affect on how an individual view and function in society. A child’s social structure along with friendships made, “good or bad’ within the community play a major role in instigating, influencing, forming misperceptions and contribute to bad or criminal behavior. As children get older, wiser, more educated, in a positive environment and under the right tutelage they naturally began to shed those perceptual blocks and barriers associated with being from a disadvantage socioeconomic background unless there are other factors involved. How a person thinks and their method for processing information are different. Most people method of thinking is first identifying the problem,...
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