No Highway in the Sky

Pages: 3 (1037 words) Published: March 2, 2013
No Highway in the Sky

The film follows Theodore Honey a highly eccentric scientist with the Royal Aircraft Establishment. A widower with a young daughter, Elspeth , Honey is sent from Farnborough[->0] to investigate the crash of a "Reindeer" airliner in Labrador[->1], which he says occurred because of a structural failure in the tail caused by sudden metal fatigue[->2]. To test his theory in his laboratory, an airframe is continuously shaken in eight-hour daily cycles. It isn't until Honey is aboard a “Reindeer” that he realizes he himself is flying on one such aircraft and after a conversation with the crew of the plane he realizes that the plane is at 1422 hours of air time which is nearing the 1440 hours he predicts to be when failure occurs. Despite the fact that his theory is not yet proven, Honey decides to warn the crew including a flight attendant Marjorie Corder, and a passenger actress Monica Teasdale. After the “Reindeer” has an emergency landing (due to Honeys information about the possible risk to the pilot) at Gander Airport an inspection clears it to continue on. He then runs back to the plane even though they don’t want him aboard, to insist that they don’t try to go anywhere in this plane. They don’t listen, so he takes drastic action to stop the flight by raising the landing gear while the aircraft is still on the ground, which smashes the underneath of the plane leaving it inoperable. After which they want to run the plane and him through slew of tests to see if he’s insane and to see if he was in actuality right about the plane.

Teasdale and Corder both take a liking for Honey and his daughter Elspeth, who is lonely and isolated from her schoolmates because she is intelligent and slightly strange like her father. Teasdale goes to the firm and speaks on his behalf to his superiors, while Corder, seeing that he is decent but disorganized, decides to go and stay with Elspeth while the investigation is...
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