Nitrate Paper

Topics: Nitrate, Water, Oxygen Pages: 2 (477 words) Published: March 5, 2013
Nitrate Paper
For Mrs. Williams 4th Period
NO3- or otherwise known as Nitrate, not to be confused with Nitrite, is located in period 2 group 15. Nitrate is an element that can not be observed by any of the senses other than sight and touch because it is known to be odorless and tasteless. Nitrate starts within the earths soil but filters into water and plants when it is mixed with rain water that is either cycled back into larger bodies of water or into the plants that take the water from the soil. The plants use the nitrate to satisfy nutrient requirements. the nitrate molecules will often filter into the leaves and stems of the plants. Nitrate is normal quite harmless in water when there isn't such a high quantity of it within the water one is consuming. If to much nitrate is consumed it can often cause methemoglobinemia This can cause less oxygen to reach certain tissues such as the brian which can often result in death. Methemoglobinemia is more likely to occur within infants or younger children due to their lack of years to develop to the effects of higher concentrations of nitrate. But it is not uncommon for it to occur in adults with an abnormally low production of the methemoglobin enzyme. Nitrate in Drinking Water

Nitrate is found most commonly within Earths soil and filters into the water due to its high mobility. The water filters into bigger bodies of water as it carries concentrations of nitrate. The water is normal quite safe to drink all depending on how much nitrate is in it. If the nitrate level is above 10 mg/l it is said to be to toxic to consume. These standards were set by US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). When water reaches 10 mg/l it is know as the Maximum Contaminant Level or MCL. It is often hard to tell what the cause of high nitrate levels in local water systems are. It can vary from septic systems nearby to animal feedlots, so it is typically best to look up all the causes and find out which one may effect you most and make...
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